Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ace, State Fair annnd..... the talk.

First of all, today's my dad's birthday!! I made him a key chain but I was in such a hurry since I came home late last night from the CA State Fair that I didnt get a chance to take pictures (or put the last biocone on it, darn).

So yeah, yesterday was the State Fair! We look forward to this every year and sadly, this is our last CA State Fair. We start off the day at Arden Mall (OMG I was so excited they had my Ruby Thai place there!!) and we got a Build-A-Bear! We were due, we get one every other year I think. We have really weird traditions that happen on accident. I really wanted the Autumn bear after Barbz had mentioned it. So, that's what we got. I dont think I'm gonna post every picture from the State Fair. I didnt get to splurge on yummy fair food because they didnt have a big selection this year (I wanted the deep fried smores, but that's not extreme or fun!) and because my stomach hasnt liked anything I've been eating lately. We also got there later than usual and didnt have time to do everything we wanted =(. I did get a chance to practice my photography, I dont know where my shutter speed option is so... that really sucks lol.

Here's Ace, naked.

Yay!! All dressed up in his uniform!

A pin we got from the USAF table at the fair.

I picked out the bear, and Martin dressed him and named him. "See, now you'll remember exactly
when I left" lol. Fall has a whole new meaning now, doesnt it? I love Fall, Fall reminds me of Martin. And this is the first Fall I'll have in the last six years without him. And he's gonna be gone for our first date anniversary! I know, its silly I celebrate that right? But hey it was an epic turning point in my life. Seriously.

So, The Talk. I was doing my laundry this morning, you know. Minding my own business... and my mom goes "so... are you guys getting married" I shrugged and try to play it off. But I'm horrible at lying! I use to be so good at it! Now I feel so guilty! My former best friend told me it was a shitty trait. Being honest. Sometimes I agree, sometimes I dont. Depends I guess. Anyway, I ended up telling her our plans and she said the same thing as Martin "for now you can just sign papers at a court house" NO MOTHER, I CANT. Argh! I told her if I'm gonna be rushed into it, I'll be rushed into it with at least SOME class. I want it to be at least a little special. But she's happy, actually she looked excited. She was like "we just want someone who will take care of you and Martin has". It meant a lot to me that she said that. I told her I felt too young to get married and she laughed at me! My mom laughed at me! Her reply was "well, you guys have been together for a long time". How is this funny mother?! It almost felt like she was saying "okay, you can go off and play" type of thing. They know we're never apart. And I'm sure my parents can tell how hard I'm going to take him being gone. I'm sure they're preparing themselves for this. My mom finds me predictable, its probably because she's my mother. But I'm happy she does. I told her I didnt want to leave home and she kept telling me it was okay. Everything will be fine. And she promised to watch my kitty and puppers while I'm gone. Well, they're the family pets but you know, I spend a lot of time with them. It was an awkward talk, but I'm glad she's happy for me. I told her Martin still wanted her permission and she kept saying "we're okay with it" and I was like "hes asking anyway!"

This is just.... awkward lol.


Dana Yoshimizu said...

I love the bear! ^__^ Looks so cute with the uniform & the pin just finishes the look ;)

What a talk! Good news to hear though <3

Tina said...

Cute bear!
And the talk seemed good, you have a wonderful mom! <3 :)
And congrats, I think I didnt say it earlier but you two are perfect for eachother. <3