Sunday, August 23, 2009


So for fall, I had a few things in mind and I was really excited about it because as I've mentioned a million times, I'm hardly creative so when I think of something, I get really excited. Fall happens to be my favorite season so I knew I was going to make something fall themed but I had a hard time thinking of what. I recently bought the leaf pendant from Michael's to compare it with the one from a bead store and since I had it, I tried of something to pair it with and figure I can make it for my fall project. So I bought the crystals I wanted to pair it with but...

Today DSK released something exactly what I had in mind and I got really sad, to be honest because now I cant release it since she already released hers and I dont want her to think I copied her.

I was telling my boyfriend about it and he hates when I find something I like doing and suddenly I quit. I'm big on quitting things before I start, so when I actually start, he wants me to keep going cause its hard for me to keep going. I get discouraged extremely easily (which is why I took up jewelry making, not only is it super challenging for me but its gonna be an even bigger challenge not to quit). And he was asking me not to quit and telling me I'm doing good and he wants me to keep making jewelry.

Which is really sweet cause I know how much he HATES coming with me to bead store after bead store after bead store after bead store day after day after day. And I know its a struggle for him to be patient while I spend hours in bead stores trying to find something I like because I know for him being there is boring. And for him to say he doesnt want me to quit means so much to me. So for him, I wont quit. I'll just have to think of something else. Fall isnt leaving any time soon, I still have time...

* * * * *

The place we bought my ring from came across some problems. Because of the diamonds on my ring, its actually going to take 62 days for them to resize it to my size (3). So it wont be done til the end of October. Martin's leaving in a few weeks, meaning, when I get my ring, he wont be here. So I had to turn in my ring model they gave me and they're going to size that one down as low as they can and put a ring guard in it to make it even smaller (hopefully they get it down enough to actually fit me, please!) and that will take 10 business days. So we'll have that ring by September and when they're done with my ring, I'll have to go in and trade it. Damn you diamonds, you're making this whole process that much harder!! However, I do love my ring and he does too, and when you guys see it, I'm sure you'll agree its worth the wait. *cough* Mae please come with me to pick it up!! And my dress too?? Pleaseeee!! *cough*.

I hate how everything is being rushed through. It doesnt feel like there's enough time to get everything done, I knew there would be set backs... there's always set backs especially since everything of mine is so tiny to the point where everything has to be special ordered. That's no surprise. I'm 5'1 and 85/90 pounds (depends on if I'm having a good week or not, I dont have a solid weight). So of course there will be set backs.

There's also a bunch of other set backs I dont really wanna mention cause its just gonna stress me out more. Grrr. I'ma go play some FarmVille on Facebook, I'm totally addicted to that game lol!


Dana Yoshimizu said...

Oh don't quit hun!! <3

& gosh, I didn't know that you were so skinny. You have such tiny fingers & weigh so little. Well I hope you don't stress out too much my dear. If you need to vent you can always make a post ;) haha, that always seems to help a bit.

M said...

OMG, i sooo want to go with you!! i can most likely go on a weekend or a tuesday, unless i have a test or something around the time. i will let u know as soon as i find out what the semester will look like. I AM SOOOO EXCITED FOR YOU XD