Friday, August 21, 2009


Took the boyfriend running by a pier today. He's been complaining about it since he's leaving for basic soon and out of shape. So we headed over there an he had me jog with him. I'm horrible when it comes to running! We walked down then jogged back and stopped for a break in the middle. Looking back, the jog didnt seem THAT long, but it was about a mile and a half. I was super tired after that. He drove to this bead store I was thinking of checking out, and I was rather disappointed with it. Everything was SUPER high priced (a 6MM biocone for .50 each?!) there was a really nice chain I wanted but it was $19.50/foot! Hells no! Ugh. After that we went to David's Bridal to check out some dresses I picked out and one of the ones I picked out was PERFECT. I'm super excited, I'm gonna order it as soon as I get the "okay" from the parents! We found the ring, the dress... now we just need to tell my parents... ehhh.

Man, I miss this fatigue feeling! It reminds me of starting Cardio Kickboxing! I'd always come home and take naps from being so sore/tired. Its a great feeling. I should go jogging more often! Haha. The only thing I dont like about it is, you know how when you're super tired you get sad/mad faster haha. Yeah... I ordered the wrong size beads... again. And they came in today. I was wondering why they were smaller and I looked at my invoice and I guess I ordered EVERYTHING in 4MM instead of 6MM. UGH! So now, I dont know what to do cause I cant work on the projects I've been waiting to do! Grrr this is the 2nd time I've done this. So yeah, pretty bummed about that.

Kinda random but... do you guys bugs on your window sill (is that what its called)? I get a lot of baby spiders and baby silverfish. It drives me NUTS. I end up spraying them with body spray but sometimes they dont die and they play dead and run off. And I have to find them again and I end up soaking them with body spray til they curl up. I should just Raid them but I dont want to waste my Raid. I really need to vacuum my window area soon, its driving me nuts. I never ever ever open my window cause the last time I did, I saw a HUGE spider slip in and out of my room through my window and I havent opened it since so when you pull up my blinds hella webs end up flying out (from being broken) that too, is gross. Damn OCD, you make everything 10x worse lol.

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