Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I've been home the last two days because my dad had to fix my car and I figured I could get some updating done.

Well, I kinda thought wrong.

Yesterday my mom was bugging me about how to register for her high school's site, even though the instructions are on the page. I dont get why parents think the internet is some epic space somewhere and you can just somehow break it. I taught myself how to use the internet, its not rocket science. I pay attention to the links, words and symbols! So it was hard getting something done when every five minutes my mom was knocking on my door saying "come check this, NOW" mom, I'm 24, you cant just demand me to check something. And when I tell her I'm busy she goes off saying "what are you doing that you're so busy you cant help me?!"

Did my parents forget my boyfriend's leaving for basic in less than six weeks? Or that I'm in charge of the bills and I obviously have to set up a bunch of shit, verify a bunch of shit, renew a bunch of shit and fix a bunch of shit before he leaves? Right, because I'm never busy. Right? It just frustrates me. Again, I'm 24, I have a life, I have responsibilities. But, whatever.

Last night I was writing a blog, a rather epic blog. Then my dad calls. To tell me that there's food on the table, even though he clearly just saw me get dinner. My "zone" was gone. I scrapped the blog. So much for that thought. Dont you hate that? When you're in this zone and someone just goes and ruins it? I'm going to start blogging in my car, I shit you not.

Oh then my former best friend who went from being awesome to the biggest douchebag I ever met since he got back with his ex girlfriend was being as always, a douchebag. I posted a link of Bow Wow's song "Regret" on my Facebook profile, and he leaves a comment talking about how Bow Wow "is a hoover and blows like the wind" wtf does that mean, I'm not entirely sure. So I reply saying "Again, keep the hate to yourself. Kthx." and he replies with "uh no. and you're the last person to tell me to keep the hate to myself. how've you been?" FUCK YOURSELF. Its MY profile, I can post whatever the fuck I want and I'm so damn tired of him saying something fuckin retarded about everything he knows I'm a fan of. I dont go on his page and tell him how stupid he is since all he does is drink even if I do think its stupid. If you dont like something either 1) dont respond or 2) get the fuck off my page! Arghhhhhh.

Man, I feel so much better now. Okay seriously, on to happier things.

So like I said, Martin's leaving in less than six weeks, and I'm not sure if its enough time to do everything we want to do, I mean... it is, as far as places we want to go/things we want to see (you never know just how much there is to do in your area until you're forced to leave it, kinda weird, right?) but the bigger thing is, he's planning to ask my parents for permission to marry me. And I know he probably doesnt have to since we've been together for five years and they know he's always willing to take care of me and that he always does take care of me. Them opening the door at 7AM with my boyfriend standing there while I'm still asleep sick isnt something new to them (keep in mind, he has to walk for an hour to get to my house since he has no car). They're always happy to see him (and so are my dog and cat), they make his favorite food when he comes over, and they dont trust me to go out unless hes with me. Oh and my favorite -- they tell him to get me to sleep early/drink water/go set an appointment/etc. But its cute that he still wants to ask for their permission. I told him I wasnt going to be in the room for that, I know they wont be mad. But I think I'd be more worried if they were happy. I still think I'm wayy too young to get married, even if I am 24. Our whole relationship I've looked for my future ring, but I decided I want him to surprise me. He surprised me with my first engagement ring (we were 19 at the time, does that still count? But I mean he did get down on one knee in front of EVERYONE at Disneyland... but still!) and I want him to surprise me with this one. But hes taking too long to choose one! LOL! I'm so impatient!

With that said, if everything goes to plan, I'd have to move sometime early next year when he gets his first base. So I did a makeup sale for things I barely used... and that's not even all of it! I cant carry all my makeup with me and I dont really plan to. So I'm gonna get rid of most of it.

I dont know if anyone else has this problem, but Firefox has been freezing/lagging/crashing (mid blog too) on me a lot. Like, at least twice everyday. And I'm just so sick of it. I use IE sometimes, but not for a long period of time. Martin suggested using Google Chrome. I'm hesitant to download browsers I've never heard of, but I figure... its google it cant be that harmful to my computer! So far, its pretty good. It's fast and smooth. But its ugly!!! Haha. But whatever gets me to blog without being crashed on I suppose lol.

So the title, Crystals.

I've been visiting all these different bead stores in the Bay Area. Like I'm seriously going swarovski crystal crazy! I cant help it, they're so... pretty! Been doing some requests for my friends. A friend of mine requested something and all she said was "black" haha. It was fun running around the store looking for something that'd look good together. And it was even nicer that Martin was helping me the whole time. I love when he gets into what I'm doing, the only thing is hes like a total kid in bead stores he touches everything. He plays with everything. I'm constantly having to tell him to put something down lol. I have a huge order from a bead site coming in hopefully soon, so I can get started on some stuff I have in mind for fall. I just have no idea how to get people to notice my stuff or how to start selling it. Then again I'm always in that mind set that my stuff isnt that good anyway. Especially anything artsy I do. And I really need to stop thinking that, some of my stuff (graphics and crafts) are decent. 1 out of 100 are really good. Its just... hard (thats a whole different entry on its own).

I think I got everything bugging me off my mind. Now I can get to work.


M said...

hey, i didnt jus say black. i think i also mentioned scorpio.. and i might even have said heart LOL!

My-My said...

I actually find that really romantic that he wants to ask your parents. but yeah, i wouldn't be in the room at the same time. ooh ooh!

Same here, everyone is betting that my boyfriend and I are going to be married next. dang! its so annoying. I still feel way to young. but then again, you just can't see yourself with anyone else, so it doesn't hurt to say HECK YEAH!

e.motion in motion said...

Aww your relationship story is so cute :DD I don't think 24 is too young, I always wanted to get married at 25 (: