Friday, August 21, 2009

So much for a good day.

So yesterday was suppose to be a good day! I got my Gossip Girl season 2, I got the stuff I wanted from the MAC Makeup Artist Collection, I got to go to Joann's again... and we went engagement ring shopping (again, I feel like I'm too young to be doing this).

But! I was at a stop light where you can turn right or go straight and I had stopped because of the crosswalk, well someone came up behind me. They crashed into my bumper, scraped the left side of my car and DROVE OFF. Yes, DROVE OFF! The guy was well aware that he hit my car and sped off anyway!! My boyfriend was PISSED. He copied down the guys license plate number, wrote down the time, description of the guy and the type of car. I went to look at the damage and I thought it was just a few small scratches on my bumper until my boyfriend looked on the left side and saw a gap between the side of my car and the tire part. UGH! I just got my car back from the last accident! Now I have to take it to the shop again and its gonna take who knows how long to get it fixed again and Martin leaves in less than six weeks!!! This is complete utter bullshit! Karma my ass, what did I do to deserve two accidents in the spam of three months. Seriously?!

I'm in such a bad mood, its not even funny. Martin's telling me to calm down, hes leaving soon and he doesnt want me to be sad/mad during his last few weeks here but man! I cant help it! Not only that but the ENTIRE day people were passing me up as soon as I turned on my blinker to switch lanes on the freeway all day long. Why do people do that? Seriously what difference does it make if someone who's 20 feet in front of you in the next lane over needs to get in front of you to take an exit? Why must you speed up and ruin their chance of taking the exit? HOW DOES THAT BENEFIT YOU? Why why why!!! Arghhhh!!!

On a happier note I did find a really pretty engagement ring (even if it is going to take four weeks to get here and Martin leaves in oh... I dont know... five?) however it just means now I have to marry Martin. Dating someone for 5 1/2 years and marrying them is something completely different and a huge part of me is probably going to say no as a first response. I'm sure he's expecting it. I hope he is lol!

I was more excited about going to Joann's to look at beads than I was to pick up my MAC stuff, how weird is that? My obsessions are switching, I feel it! That scares me.

My friend wanted my star chain as a bracelet by itself, I'm thinking of making one, it might turn out really cute. With a star toggle, we'll see.

Oh, another rant. I know this might sound childish but it really did hurt my feelings!! A few weeks ago I made an ELF social networking site (as you guys probably saw on the beauty blog) and ELF had re-tweeted it... three times. Well... a week after that... they released their own social networking site. Had they released this before re-tweeting mine, maybe I wouldnt be so butt hurt over something this silly, but they didnt. It felt like they got the idea from me, didnt give me credit and totally just tried to make mine seem worthless. Personally, it really hurt my feelings. To the point where I havent been on the ELF site since. And you guys know how big of an ELF fan I am! Am I being silly over this? Martin says I should email them and let them know it hurt my feelings, but I'm sure to them I'm just a disposable customer. I dont know, maybe I'll just let it go and shut down my social networking site. Or maybe I'll let them know. Its just bugging me and I dont think its that big of a deal to mope about. *shrug*.


e.motion in motion said...

Aughh so sorry about your car! People are such jerks nowadays >:( Congrats on your finding a nice ring though :D Hmm and you should try emailing ELF anyway. I've never had any luck with contacting them EVER (the screwed up my orders), but it's still worth a try just to let them know how you feel.

Rai said...

Sorry about your car. =[

Congrats on your engagement though. I've been with my boyfriend for almost 4 years and nothing like that is happening soon. lol It kind of sucks, but I can't rush things.

That sucks about e.l.f., I'm sure they DID get the idea from you.
But don't take it too personal.