Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hey guys!

Oh my gosh! Every time I sit down and get ready to write a blog or a review on the beauty blog, something comes up and I have to leave the computer/house! That and its just been so hot here (and I dont have AC at my house) that its just ughh. I have to go out to somewhere that has AC! Even if its just sitting in my car outside! Haha. I know, what a total waste of gas!

My boyfriend's birthday went nice and smooth! He was surprised at all his birthday surprises! I made him a birthday omlette (basically copied what he put in my first birthday breakfast he made me five years ago) and keep in mind, this is the first time I actually really tried to make one and it came out great! Coulda used more salt, but came out great! I was so happy and surprised! I'm glad he liked it! Thanks to my mama and daddy for helping me put together the surprise!! Then we spent some time at Nickle City and played a ton of games then headed to the outlets in Gilroy! OMG, biggest outlets I've ever seen! We had a ton of fun just walking around talking. The CCO was okay. Not as big as I thought it would be... but I did find MAC Rollickin Paint Pot!!! I've been tracking this down for months! Martin was excited I found it too, I've been talking about it forever! I also got a MAC pigment that I wanted a few days prior. Its discounted, so why not. Then headed back to my house and cooked dinner together and ate while watching Mansers. Then he fell asleep. Awww. Sleepy birthday boo!!

The next day I surprised him without telling him where we were going. The GPS saying "now arriving at Jelly Belly Candy Factory, on left" ruined it though! Grrrr!!! But he was pretty excited, hes never been there and he enjoyed the tour, I'm sad there was no production on the weekends, I didnt know! I'm glad he still had fun! We bought a crap load of Jelly Belly beans too! Then the next day, his mom made birthday dinner. Yum. I love her lasagna! We watch Coraline (which was kinda creepy) and Hook (my childhood favorite)!!! Sang happy birthday (and he insisted I sit next to him) and ate cake and ice cream! I'm glad he liked his birthday weekend! All for you boo!

I updated my crafting blog! Finally! And made a vlog here. So check both of those out! I'm gonna be doing a giveaway soon! And a blog sale as well. I need to get rid of all this makeup I've never touched! I've been on the search for supplies for my crafts and trying to figure out how to wire wrap... it looks extremely hard. I'm working on something "For Audrey" because of course, my besties name is Audrey and it was her idea... so what better thing to name it, right?! Got a shipment of crystals coming in that I'm excited about.

On another note, here's a pic from yesterday!

Chillen at Borders reading bead magazines, New Moon, WordPress for Dummies & drinking samples cause that's how I roll! LOL.


leslielovesmakeup said...

i would read the twilight saga all over again..if i had the time to!

are you and the bf plannin on getting married? if not, hang in there k. i know it's gonna be a tough time of the year but you'll get through it. i hated long distance with my husband and now i'm married lol. you can always write to me if you need to talk, i know how it feels.

DSK said...

Have you finished New Moon? I'm still on it, lol so lazy to read!