Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I'm light weight irritated and you know how when you're irritated everything starts going wrong? Yeah, I totally hate that.

My PC has been slowing down lately and so I re-installed Firefox (that and something corrupted my Firefox) and it didnt help. I de-fragged my PC and that helped for like, an hour and it started slowing down again. It's mostly my browser, like it'll pause or it'll just crash completely. Frequently. And it's irritated the crap out of me! I finally deleted my temp internet files and I'm hoping that will help.

UGH. Other than that, Martin had an appointment today and I'm suppose to be in bed in 15 minutes so we can wake up early tomorrow. I hate when I feel like I dont have time. But at least when he comes back tomorrow I can finally announce something! It's nothing too interesting.

This year I decided to make him breakfast for his birthday, and I havent cooked anything in over ten-ish years. I'm a baker! Not a cook! But I was planning on making him breakfast, and attempting to make an omlette, which I've never made and the last time I attempted one it was such an epic fail that it wasnt even funny. I didnt even giggle. And I giggle at everything. So I'm hoping I do well on Saturday. I was planning on practicing last Friday night but I got lazy. I know, damn wtf right? I know he'll think its cute I even tried, but I want it to be special! Reason why, coming tomorrow.

I hate being broke. I went to Michaels yesterday to pick up some crystals and necklace chain since I ran out and I ended up putting everything back cause I wouldnt have money for dinner or groceries. It made Martin sad cause I was sad, and I had a 40% off coupon and blah! I didnt mean to make him sad, its not his fault I'm in debt, its mine and as messed up and depressing as this is, its my reality slap. And I needed it. Besides, I dont need anything right now. It just sucks how when you're younger, everything is cheap and as you get older you want ipods instead of CD's. Or makeup instead of that new Barbie doll. You know?

I'm hoping to spend some time with my bestie today, but that might not happen. But I'm still hoping it will! Is it bad I'm a little annoyed I didnt get to read more of Time Travelers Wife today? Haha. I love and hate being sucked into books.

Sorry this entry is so depressing and stuff, I'm just in a really weird mood and sometimes you just gotta let it all out, right? Right. Right?


My-My said...

I went to Micheals a few weeks ago, and I noticed that they have put out their Halloween stuff already. HUH?!

I feel ya. Especially when you're broke and you start lemming for everything. and you think "Oh, when I get the money, I'll get this and that and that." and when the money comes, you get all hyped up and spend it on things you want and forget what you need. and then you're broke like a mofo. . . AGAIN. THEN i get sad.

it happens, but your day will brighten. :) and things will smooth out.

Kym said...

MARIE! its Kym from www.beecreative.ca i didn't know you had this blog aside from your other one! hehe! anyway, are you talking about the blognerd tee - Small, white, with red text? i took it down because there was a red dotted fade on it :( if you'd like i can sell it to you for 15% off = $10.20 USD otherwise, I can make you a new one but probably won't get it done till next week. Let me know what you'd like to do! kbanguis@gmail.com :)