Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cause you came and left...

Lately I have been addicted to "Just Go" by Jesse McCartney. I was listening to "The Best Day Of My Life" not realizing it was from A Cinderella Story and got excited with the biggest urge to watch it. Then I realized, I never got around to buying that movie. Even though it's one of my favorites (Hilary Duff is a guilty pleasure of mine).


Autumn! Oh me and Autumn, we have this really weird and super secret love/hate relationship. If I were ever to cheat on Martin, it would be with Autumn (can you cheat on someone with a season? Absolutely). Then I'd cheat on Autumn with Winter. I know, arent I scandalous?

I get into these crazy moods when the temperature starts to drop and the leaves go all... dead. And stuff. Haha. In my life, my previous boyfriends always managed to break up with me like right before the holidays. Trust me, it was fool proof. I always figured it was because they didnt wanna splurge on gifts for their girlfriend, who knows. But I guess that contributed to my crazy mood when it comes around this time of the year.

I get the craziest most intense urge to be independent. And alone. Til like, January haha.

I dont know, to me it feels like Autumn is the beginning of a fresh start. The air feels nicer against your skin and everything is crisp and refreshing. The plants are dying so they can start over again. And there's just something really refreshing and inspiring about that. I'm also one of those people who find colder weather to be more romantic. And its around the time I usually fall asleep watching Serendipity every night. Might explain the wanting to be alone/romantic statement, yah?

Ironically, me and Martin usually break up in November if we do break up. Though our break ups arent like normal people's break ups, they're very helpful. We tend to talk to each other a lot more when we break up. But it always, always lands in November. Again, fool proof. And we break up every other year. Fool proof! But now that we're getting married, what happens? We cant divorce every other year haha. I guess its good that he left this Autumn, it skips a year. But then it throws off our "fool proof" cause that means next year we'll get along since his presence was absent this year.

I'm sorry, is this a weird subject to be talking about? I actually brought this up with him and he usually denies we break up. Even though he always asks me back out lol, he's odd like that. But I'm very thankful he puts up with my crazy habits and ideas and all around just man-shes-not-making-sense-right-now. Though he did pick up a new habit of chanting "I love her" whenever I do something completely off the wall lol.

I was hoping to write a better blog about it than this, but mid-blog my mom knocked on my door and I lost my inspiration. I need to start blogging in my car, where no one can talk to me! I'm so foreal.

Speaking of, there was this huge spider crawling around my car door when me and Marissa got back from the Olive Garden so I handed her the disinfectant spray (I have OCD, I always bring disinfectant around with me) and instead of spray it away it caused the spider to slip through the door frame INTO the car so she opened the door and it was like, plopped into the rubber frame part and it had a web. The little sucker made a home in my door frame! Anyway, I forgot about it and I was cleaning the wedding stuff out of the car and I saw the web and freaked. Then I remembered that we killed that spider but man... that web looks like it was spun with glue. I'm so serious. I should take a picture tomorrow and show you guys. It's gross.

I hate spiders. Yuck.

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