Monday, November 2, 2009

A lovely surprise!

I was trying to take a nap earlier, since it was extremely hot in my room. And I waslight weight waiting for a phone call from Martin. And my mom starts knocking on my door, so I thought maybe I had a letter... so I open the door and she's holding up Labby's old carrier cage. And inside it was a small Robo Dwarf Hamster! He was adorable! And very active (which is good, I hope hes healthy).

It surprised me that she came home with a hamster cause she'd never come home with one! I wont say shes not a fan of hamsters (after a few years of me having Syrian hamsters I think they finally grew on her lol) cause she is... but coming home with one was just so out of character hehe. But it was a nice surprise, especially since I was kinda crying myself to sleep.

I dont know if I mentioned this, but my dear Labby mouse (Martin named him "Labby... the lab mouse" cause he was a plain white mouse) passed away last week, almost hitting I think two years... which is crazy for a simple white feeder mouse. And I suppose she got me a hamster to keep me some company since Martin's away. I dont know really I didnt ask her but I was oohing and ahhing over it for some time lol.

I only have CareFresh bedding and I remember reading somewhere that it's really bad for dwarf hamsters so I went to Petco but they dont sell the bedding I use to use for my baby boy Flixie (who passed away almost two years ago. He had a bad allergic reaction to CareFresh so I had to switch him to shredded wood bedding) and I'm not a huge fan of the wood chip type since they have sharp corners, so I may have to go to the next city over to PetSmart and see if they have any over there. I also have to get the little critter a wheel and some toys. He was climbing and jumping around the cage as soon as I put him in there.

I'm very knowledgeable when it comes to Syrian hamsters since I've raised them since I was 9... but when it comes to dwarf hamsters... not so much. I've only had one and he passed away the day after I got him (I wrote a complaint to the head of Petco and they never got back to me either. Ugh) so I'm a little iffy about having another dwarf hamster, especially from Petco. So I'll be taking a small break tonight from wedding planning to refresh my memory on dwarf hamster care. I only remember bits and pieces and they're not connecting very well lol.

Sorry no pictures of the little guy just yet! I was too busy trying to make his home to take pictures. But soon! And I havent decided on a name, I was thinking Ace since that was what Martin named our Air Force bear, but I dont know yet :)

I cant wait to tell him about the new little one!


Toothfairy said...

waaaaahhhh so cute and nice of your mom! I'm going to show this post to my mom and demand a puppy :P just kidding...

share the pics, I wanna see!!!


DSK Steph said...

I love hamsters! I just got one :) Her name is Winkie <3