Thursday, November 12, 2009

Splurged a bit on myself. Finally.

A lot of my funds and time have been going to the wedding. Which has been a semi bummer. I've been doing good with not stressing out too much over everything, but it has bummed me out that all these sales and new products are coming out and of course everyone setting up for the holidays and I havent had a chance to splurge on myself lately.

I had set aside some money for an itouch but realized, I didnt really need one right now. I just bought myself a Nano last year (I dont know what I was thinking by buying an 8 GiG ipod though, I have 1 GiG left)! And besides, I really just wanted it for the apps. Haha, I'm not going to lie! I've been wanting a new digi cam for awhile now, not that there's anything really wrong with mine. Its just a bit out dated and I know Martin doesnt have one. So I was planning awhile back (wayyy before he decided to enlist) to get a new camera and give him my old one. But he never let me. The camera I wanted went on sale recently (it dropped by like over $100) so I just had to get it. Besides, I think I'm worth it! Haha. So I went and got it today. The battery is still charging so I havent had a chance to play with it just yet. But, I'm pretty happy about that!

I was bummed that Barns & Nobles got rid of their Wizard of Oz/Wicked table! I was hoping to buy a Wicked shirt to wear when I see it next week (along with my green/black witch hat and my custom made "Wicked" necklace), but I went and it was all gone! Super bummed. I hope my necklace and hat will be fine (I need to find that hat). Also my Wizard of Oz comic still hasnt released even though it was suppose to on the 4th. Boo. Dont you hate when you drive kinda a long way to find something and... its not there anymore? Yeah, me too! Haha.

Went semi shopping for Marissa's tux/dress. We went to a tux place and the tux's didnt really fit her well so we went to the mall and tried looking for like women's business suits, but... I dont know. I thought it looked alright! We ended up just getting her a dress lol! Did I mention she's the best man? Yeah, we're doing things a bit backwards. Also he's walking down the isle, not me (he doesnt know this one yet but he will)! Hehe.

We went to go look for some last minute wedding decor stuff, and didnt find much. We did end up walking out of Kohls with a hoodie, socks, some snowflakes (decor) and perfume. Hey, they were having a sale! Haha. I couldnt find a clutch/wristlet that was just plain white. Kinda hard to believe!

We went to Bed Bath and Beyond, just because and I got to add more things to my registry! We got to have the scanner gun and run around the store scanning stuff. My registry is a bit, random... but we get 10% off if we purchase things from our registry (which might explain the shampoo and body wash, sorry guys! Haha) so why not! I'm sure our family is going to wonder what was she thinking... but its okay! Haha. That was super fun, we got to stay til after the store closed. I love Bed Bath and Beyond, they're so... beyond haha. And they were really nice about us staying after.

It's freezing cold, and I'm so excited that it is! I love the cold weather! Well I like it a lot better than hot. I just dont like the goosebumps or the chills.

I wanna go wrap myself in my fleece blanket and go to bed but I have some work to do! Darn. Gotta get all the paper work done by next week for the chapel. Its so crazy to think I'm really getting married, you know? Putting down the deposit for the chapel, getting fitted for my dress... its just so... surreal! I think its really fully hit me just yet. I dont think it's going to until I'm putting the dress on right before the ceremony. I hope I dont freak out! Hahah!

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Toothfairy said...

huh... you like cold weather?! hahaha... I REALLY DON'T! it's so freezing here in the Netherlands... mad cold... rainy and windy too! I don't like autumn. :S