Monday, November 9, 2009

Earlyyy phone call!

Martin called me all morning this morning for some reference information. He called me several times actually and I fell asleep between calls. I think I answered one of the questions he asked me with my eyes still closed and my head still under the blanket followed by a mumbled "okay yeah I'll get it. K love you bye" and rolled over, called the school, asked for the info, wrote it down all with my eyes closed. I knew having a notebook next to my pillow would be handy some day. During the calls when I was more awake however, we got to talk for a bit. Not about much because I didnt know what kind of time limit we were on.

But I did mange to ask what Marissa was going to wear to the wedding, tell him about my page rate, and a bunch of other things. I think I covered the important things this time. The rest of the small talk was a blur because like I said (or hinted) I wasnt completely awake during these calls. It was nice to hear his voice on the other line, for a few hours it felt like he was home and everything was normal again.

He called again around noon saying it was his last call of the day and to say thank you for getting him the info and to tell Boq he loves him (which I thought was super cute). I told him when he comes home hes gonna have to tame him cause hes so jumpy. I also gave him a big kiss on the phone and he laughed. I'm glad he smiled, he needs to start smiling/laughing more often on the phone! I'm tired of these sad phone calls! Goodness.

I kept telling myself all day I was going to clean my room.

I didnt.

Did you expect it?

I did LOL!

I just emailed Nicolas Dromard (Fiyero for the Wicked SF production) a rather huge request, I hope he approves my request! Not saying what it is just yet, but its a gift. For someone :)

I've been bugging Nicolas for the last few days lol! At least he'll know who I am when I go see Wicked for the 3rd time haha!

I registered a new domain. Since I have unlimited hosting, just to test it out. So I registered it and I was all excited and I was like and then what lol! Its still processing, so we'll see! I saw that I could renew my domain for $10/year and I got excited til I realized it was just to register to host was wayy more than that lol! Darn, you fooled me again!

Hopefully cleaning tomorrow!! Hopefully.

Oh! I got the Wicked site up, and some content up. I like the layout but I'm not happy with the content. Its gonna take some getting use to/work. But I think I'll get it. Or I'll try to, I'll post a link if anyone's interested (does anyone read this?!) lol.

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